Neonatal circumcision does not protect against penile cancer

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…medical conditions, and sexual activity and risk of penile cancer. JNCI 1993; 85:19–24. Abstract / FREE Full Text Cook LS, Koutsky LA, Holmes KK. Clinical presentation of genital warts among circumcised and uncircumcised heterosexual men attending an urban STD clinic. Genitourin Med 1993; 69:262–4. Medline Web of Science… (Search hits: 1 in body, 0 in title, 0 in tags. Score: 66.19)

The fate of the foreskin: A study of circumcision

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BRITISH MEDICAL JOURNAL, Volume 2, Pages 1433-1437, December 24, 1949. THE FATE OF THE FORESKIN A STUDY OF CIRCUMCISION By DOUGLAS GAIRDNER, D.M., M.R.C.P. Consultant Paediatrician, United Cambridge Hospitals It is a curious fact that one of the operations most commonly performed in this country is also accorded the least critical consideration. In order to decide… (Search hits: 0 in body, 0 in title, 0 in tags. Score: 33.09)

Is infant male circumcision an abuse of the rights of the child? Yes

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Article text available above. ABSTRACT: Most circumcisions take place for religious rather than medical reasons. Geoff Hinchley argues that the practice is harmful and should be stopped but Kirsten Patrick believes that the future sexual health benefits justify parental choice… (Search hits: 0 in body, 0 in title, 0 in tags. Score: 33.09)