Cultural Bias in the AAP’s 2012 Technical Report and Policy Statement on Male Circumcision

5/5 (3) by Frisch, M., Aigrain, Y., Barauskas, V., Bjarnason, R., Boddy, S., Czauderna, P., de Gier, R.P.E., de Jong, T.P.V.M., Fasching, G., Fetter, W., Gahr, M., Graugaard, C., Greisen, G., Gunnarsdottir, A., Hartmann, W., Havranek, P., Hitchcock, R., Huddart, … Read More

Male circumcision decreases penile sensitivity as measured in a large cohort.

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BJU Int. 2013 May;111(5):820-7. doi: 10.1111/j.1464-410X.2012.11761.x. Epub 2013 Feb 4. by Bronselaer GA, Schober JM, Meyer-Bahlburg HF, T’Sjoen G, Vlietinck R, Hoebeke PB. Department of Urology, Ghent University Hospital, Ghent, Belgium. Full Text available in PDF format (above). Abstract WHAT’S KNOWN ON THE SUBJECT? AND WHAT DOES THE STUDY … Read More

Circumcision of Male Infants as a Human Rights Violation

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Svoboda, J.S. Journal of Medical Ethics, Vol. 39, No. 7 (2013), pp. 469-74. Also archived at Full text in PDF format (above) Abstract: Every infant has a right to bodily integrity. Removing healthy tissue from an infant is only permissible if … Read More

Being honest about medical involvement that contravenes “first of all, do no harm”

From the replies to the AAP 2012 Circumcision Policy Statement by Susan Bewley, Professor of Obstetrics and Sarah Strandjord, Professor of Pediatrics Kings College, London Following the retraction of its policy on female genital mutilation in 2010 (1,2,3,4), the American Academy of … Read More

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