Rachel’s story of her son’s circumcision complications

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Thank you to my friend Rachel, for being willing to share her story and the story of her sweet little boy.  Circumcision complications are NOT rare.  They happen all the time.  There are no medical benefits to circumcision, and many, many risks.  Please keep reading and researching!
“All of those who are on the fence about circumcision or who are planning to do it, please take a few minutes and read my son’s story.

We had my son circumcised when he was a day old, my husband wanted it done and I left that decision up to him. Little did I know, that was something that we would both come to regret.

A couple weeks ago, the tip of my son’s penis started looking really irritated. I figured it was because my diapers needed to be stripped. I stripped them. Three times. His penis was not getting better. Within a couple of days, it looked like his urethra opening was ripping. I looked for advice from some of the wonderful ladies in my moms group and one friend suggested it might be a circumcision complication.

We took him to the Children’s hospital here to be checked out. The resident suggested it was our diapers then, the attending said it was herpes which was likely caused by us sexually abusing him. The “what in the world” factor for that is very high. Our kids are NOT sexually abused.

The next day, we made an appointment with our pediatrician. He said it was most likely because his penis was growing. We demanded to be referred to a urologist.

Since then, we have seen two urologists who both agree that it is a circumcision complication and my son will need a series of 4 skin grafts to correct it.

We have a meeting with a third urologist, a lawyer, and the doctor who performed his circumcision on the 12th. The doctor wants to apologize to us because she admits that she did not have time to properly perform the procedure and also did not administer any form of numbing agent.

As a result of this, his penis might never function properly and each time he gets an erection, his penis splits just a little more. He wakes up every night when he gets an erection screaming in pain.

We now live with the guilt that we did this to him. We made a life altering decision to remove part of his body and our baby boy has to pay the price. “