RNP Circumcision Drive Continues In Southern Province

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RNP Circumcision Drive Continues In Southern Province
News of Rwanda, Mar. 1, 2015
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external image RNP-circumcision-drive-continues-in-Southern-Province.jpgMembers of the District Administrative Security Support Organ (DASSO), Community Policing Committees (CPCs) and police officers operating in Nyanza and Huye districts, on Friday benefited from the ongoing Rwanda National Police free circumcision service.

The initiative which kicked off on February, 10, is aimed at curbing the spread of HIV/AIDS is conducted in partnership with the Ministry of Health and funded by Global Fund – and will run for ten days.

On top of receiving free circumcision services, beneficiaries are sensitized on HIV/AIDS prevention and other sexually transmitted diseases.

“Sexually transmitted diseases are a threat to people’s security. If we are to achieve sustainable security, we also have to protect the citizens from such epidemic diseases by educating them on how to live a positive life,” Senior Superintendent Emmanuel Hitayezu, the Director of Huye Isange Rehabilitation Centre, said.

“Ensuring good health of citizens is also one of RNP priorities and that’s why the force engages in conducting such sensitization campaigns.”

He also recounted that RNP has established health centers from across the country to ensure that residents access medical services.

Jean Claude Mugiraneza, one of the CPCs who benefited from the free circumcision exercise appreciated the service he was given by RNP, and called on other members of society to follow suit.

“It is amazing that Police officers come to the grass root to give us this free medical service. I am also encouraged by the messages of safe sex and protection that we heard from Police Officers,” he said.

In a related development, similar awareness campaigns will also be relayed to residents on February 28, during the monthly Community Work “Umuganda”, after a football match between Police Officers and members of Rwanda Youth Volunteers in Crime Prevention.

The free male circumcision exercise which is expected to be rolled out to other districts in the country, started last year in the districts of Rwamagana and Kayonza.