Circumcision, the Primal Cut – A Human Rights Violation

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CIRCUMCISION, THE PRIMAL CUT – A HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATION May 3, 2015 by Kali Sinclair Imagine This You bring a beautiful baby girl into this world. You count her fingers and toes. You can’t believe the wonder of this tiny, perfect human … Read More

Medical benefits of female circumcision

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1.63/5 (8) Islam Question and Answer (publication date unknown) General Supervisor: Shaykh Muhammad Saalih al-Munajjid – Principles of Fiqh » Jurisprudence and Islamic Rulings » Acts of Worship » Purity » Natural character and instinct of the human creation. 45528: Medical benefits of female circumcision Could you explain me … Read More

Ch. 3: Alleged Medical Benefits of Circumcision (DOC Genital Integrity Statement)

0/5 (1) This is Chapter 3 of a statement available at Click here to view/download the complete statement in PDF form: GenitalIntegrityStatement.pdf, also available at < Previous Chapter (2: The Prepuce) | Next Chapter (4: Immediate Complications of Circumcision) > Chapter Three: Alleged Medical Benefits of … Read More

Rationalising circumcision: from tradition to fashion, from public health to individual freedom—critical notes on cultural persistence of the practice of genital mutilation

Full article text available above in PDF format. ABSTRACT: Despite global and local attempts to end genital mutilation, in their various forms, whether of males or females, the practice has persisted throughout human history in most parts of the world. … Read More

To mutilate in the name of Jehovah or Allah: legitimization of male and female circumcision

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Article link available above. Medicine and Law, Volume 13, Number 7-8: Pages 575-622, July 1994. by Sami A. ALDEEB ABU-SAHLIEH   New enlarged edition, July 1994 By the author Rue du Centre 74 1025 St-Sulpice Suisse Table of Contents INTRODUCTION CHAPTER I. DEFINITIONS AND … Read More