Why My Son Isn’t Circumcised – A Mother’s Stance against Circumcision

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Why My Son Isn’t Circumcised – A mother’s stance against circumcision by JENNIFER MARGULIS 2011 Also available at http://www.babble.com/pregnancy/uncircumcised-baby-boy-infant-circumcision-2/ My friend Peter, whose parents are Russian, grew up in America with an intact foreskin, as have all the men in his … Read More

Historical And Scriptural Evidence (Milah vs. Periah)

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3.76/5 (17) Historical and Scriptural Evidence (OT milah circumcision vs. modern periah circumcision) by Peter Keay The following is a revised excerpt from the document originally available at http://www.scribd.com/doc/54746897/Un-Christian-Modern-Circumcision In Genesis 17:11, the Bible reveals God’s institution of circumcision for … Read More

To mutilate in the name of Jehovah or Allah: legitimization of male and female circumcision

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Article link available above. Medicine and Law, Volume 13, Number 7-8: Pages 575-622, July 1994. by Sami A. ALDEEB ABU-SAHLIEH   New enlarged edition, July 1994 By the author Rue du Centre 74 1025 St-Sulpice Suisse Table of Contents INTRODUCTION CHAPTER I. DEFINITIONS AND … Read More

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