Being honest about medical involvement that contravenes “first of all, do no harm”

From the replies to the AAP 2012 Circumcision Policy Statement by Susan Bewley, Professor of Obstetrics and Sarah Strandjord, Professor of Pediatrics Kings College, London Following the retraction of its policy on female genital mutilation in 2010 (1,2,3,4), the American Academy of … Read More

Sub-Saharan African randomized clinical trials into male circumcision and HIV transmission: Methodological, ethical, and legal concerns

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Full PDF accessible here: Boyle GJ, Hill G. Abstract In 2007, WHO/UNAIDS recommended male circumcision as an HIV-preventive measure based on three sub-Saharan African randomised clinical trials (RCTs) into female-to-male sexual transmission. A related RCT investigated male-to-female transmission. However, the … Read More

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