A Comparison of the Mogen and Gomco Clamps in Combination With Dorsal Penile Nerve Block in Minimizing the Pain of Neonatal Circumcision

Article text available above. ABSTRACT: Objectives. 1) To compare the Mogen and Gomco clamps with regard to pain experienced during neonatal circumcision, and 2) to assess neonatal circumcision pain with and without dorsal penile nerve block (DPNB). Design/Methods. A randomized, … Read More

Neonatal Cortisol Response to Circumcision with Anesthesia

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Also available at: http://cpj.sagepub.com/content/25/8/412.abstract   doi: 10.1177/000992288602500807CLIN PEDIATR August 1986 vol. 25no. 8 412-415 Paul S. Williamson, Department of Family Practice, The University of Iowa College of Medicine, Iowa City, Iowa Nolan Donovan Evans, Department of Family Practice, The University of Iowa College … Read More

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