Council of Europe doubles down on anti-ritual circumcision stance

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Pan-European body maintains position that a brit milah violates children’s rights BY JTA October 10, 2015, 5:55 am 24 Illustrative photo of Jews performing a religious circumcision. (Serge Attal/Flash90) The Council of Europe is maintaining its position that non-medical circumcision … Read More

Does science support infant circumcision?

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5/5 (1) Abstract According to Brian Morris (2013), “Science supports infant circumcision” and “so should skeptics.” It would be more accurate to say that ‘Brian Morris supports infant circumcision,’ and that skeptics can think for themselves. In this paper, we … Read More

How Male Circumcision Harms Women

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5/5 (1) How Male Circumcision Harms Women Ronald Goldman, Ph.D. from Also available at Marilyn Milos didn’t know much about circumcision when she consented to have her three sons circumcised. She trusted her doctor who told her it did … Read More

Does Male Circumcision Adversely Affect Sexual Sensation, Function, or Satisfaction? Critical Comment on Morris and Krieger (2013)

Article text available above. ABSTRACT: Morris and Krieger (2013) have argued that male circumcision does not impact adversely on sexual sensation, satisfaction, and/or function. In the present paper, it is argued that such a view is untenable. By selectively citing … Read More

Why the benefits of circumcision are based on false assumptions, erroneous conclusions and misleading medical information –

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Why The Benefits of Circumcision Are Based On False Assumptions, Erroneous Conclusions and Misleading Medical Information by April McCarthy The current generation of infant males will have the lowest routine circumcision rates in 40 years. Recent surveys suggest that parents who say … Read More

Adult Circumcision and Male Sexual Health: A Retrospective Analysis.

Article text available above. ABSTRACT: We aimed to evaluate possible associations of circumcision with several sexual dysfunctions and to identify predictors for the development of these outcomes post-operatively. Telephone surveys about sexual habits and dysfunctions before and after intervention were … Read More

Commentary on American Academy of Pediatrics 2012 Circumcision Policy Statement

4.5/5 (2) By the staff of Doctors Opposing Circumcision Doctors Opposing Circumcision has reviewed the two-page American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) 2012 Circumcision Policy Statement1 and the accompanying thirty-page electronically-published “technical report” entitled Male Circumcision.2 The Circumcision Policy Statement was … Read More

Circumcision Stories: Oregon Intactivist

3.33/5 (3) Also available at: Oregon Intactivist I was 15 when I had to have surgery and while I was under the doctor circumcised me, because it’s “cleaner” and all the other false reasons they give. When I woke up, I immediately threw up from … Read More

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