Full Disclosure: Circumcision Information For Health Professionals And Parents

Summary: Written by a coalition of doctors and other professionals, this document lists 9 things lost to male circumcision and 24 complications ranging from common to uncommon prevalence. In conclusion, alleged benefits and ethical concerns are addressed briefly. The text references 99 external sources. Also available at http://www.icgi.org/information/full-disclosure-informed-consent/ Original File: Full_Disclosure.pdf [A corrected OCR scan of… (Search hits: 1 in body, 0 in title, 0 in tags. Score: 33.1)

Fetal Pain: A Systematic Multidisciplinary Review of the Evidence

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ewe also anesthetized the fetus.78 Administering fentanyl, pancuronium, or vecuronium to the fetus intramuscularly may supplement analgesia or immobilization.64 ,65,77 ,79 For pregnant women, general anesthesia is associated with increased morbidity and mortality, particularly because of airway-related complications8082 and increased risk of… (Search hits: 1 in body, 0 in title, 0 in tags. Score: 33.1)

Circumcision’s Psychological Damage: CDC wants all males to be cut – but it’s harmful psychologically

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clinical definition of trauma because it involves a violation of physical integrity. In fact, research has demonstrated that medical traumas in childhood and adolescence share many of the same psychological elements of childhood abuse, such as physical pain, fear, loss of control, and the perception that the event is a form of punishment (Nir,… (Search hits: 1 in body, 0 in title, 0 in tags. Score: 33.1)

Neonatal circumcision does not reduce HIV/AIDS infection rates

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1-3. [Full Text] Nguyen DM, Bancroft E, Mascola L, Guevara R, Yasuda L. Risk factors for neonatal methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus infection in a well-infant nursery. Infect Control Hosp Epidemiol 2007; 28: 406-411. [Full Text] Annunziato D, Goldblum LM. Staphylococcal scalded skin syndrome. A complication of circumcisionAm J Dis Child 1978; 132(12): 1187-1188. Donovan B, Bassett… (Search hits: 1 in body, 0 in title, 0 in tags. Score: 33.1)

Effect of neonatal circumcision on pain response during subsequent routine vaccination

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among groups. Multivariate ANOVA revealed a significant group effect (p < 0.001) in difference (vaccination minus baseline) values for percentage facial action, percentage cry time, and visual analogue scale pain scores. Univariate ANOVAs were significant for all outcome measures (p < 0.05): infants circumcised with placebo had higher difference scores than uncircumcised infants for percentage facial action (136.9 vs 77.5%),… (Search hits: 0 in body, 0 in title, 0 in tags. Score: 33.1)