Male Circumcision and the Rights of the Child

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various sources, which indicate that worldwide about 500 million males are circumcised. For other forms mentioned in the literature, see, inter alia, Wallerstein, op.cit. (note 11); William E. Brigman, Circumcision as Child Abuse: The Legal and Constitutional Issues, Journal of Family Law, Vol. 23, No. 3, 1984, pp. 337-357; Abbie J. Chessler, “Justifying the Unjustifiable: Rite v. Wrong,”… (Search hits: 5 in body, 0 in title, 0 in tags. Score: 165.48)

The Use of Male Circumcision to Prevent HIV Infection (DOC Statement)

Using male circumcision to understand social norms as multipliers. University of Cincinnati L Rev 2003;72:455-526. [Full Text] Williams N, Kapila L. Complications of circumcision. Brit J Surg 1993;80:1231-6. [Full Text] Kim D, Pang M. The effect of male circumcision on sexuality. BJU Int 2006 Published on line ahead of print. doi: 10.1111/j.1464-410X.2006.06646.x… (Search hits: 3 in body, 0 in title, 0 in tags. Score: 99.29)

Full Disclosure: Circumcision Information For Health Professionals And Parents

Summary: Written by a coalition of doctors and other professionals, this document lists 9 things lost to male circumcision and 24 complications ranging from common to uncommon prevalence. In conclusion, alleged benefits and ethical concerns are addressed briefly. The text references 99 external sources. Also available at Original File: Full_Disclosure.pdf [A corrected OCR scan of… (Search hits: 2 in body, 0 in title, 0 in tags. Score: 66.19)

Neonatal Circumcision Revisited (Canadian Paediatric Society)

commentaries and other review articles. The reference lists of identified articles were searched for additional publications. A total of 671 published articles on circumcision were identified. Case reports, case-control studies, cohort studies, randomized controlled trials and two meta-analyses were identified and included. No randomized controlled trials of circumcision per se were identified; the only randomized controlled trials found involved the… (Search hits: 1 in body, 0 in title, 0 in tags. Score: 33.1)

Ch. 5: Post-Operative Complications of Circumcision (DOC Genital Integrity Statement)

href=”” target=”_blank” class=”broken_link” rel=”nofollow”>Full Text] Lee LD, Millar AJW. Ruptured bladder following circumcision using Plasticbell device. Br J Urol 1990;65:216–7. Eason JD, McDonnell M, Clark G. Male ritual circumcision resulting in acute renal failure. Br Med J 1994;309:660–1. [Full Text] Frand M, Berant, N, Brand N, Rotem Y. Complication of ritual circumcision… (Search hits: 1 in body, 0 in title, 0 in tags. Score: 33.1)

Complications of Circumcision in Male Neonates, Infants and Children (Halperin)

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href=”″ target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow” class=”broken_link”>PubMed Abstract Bailey RC, Egesah O, Rosenberg S: Male circumcision for HIV prevention: a prospective study of complications in clinical and traditional settings in Bungoma, Kenya. Bull World Health Organ 2008, 86:669-677. PubMed Abstract | Publisher Full Text |PubMed Central Full Text Krieger JN, Bailey RC, Opeya… (Search hits: 1 in body, 0 in title, 0 in tags. Score: 33.1)

Complications of circumcision

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Article text available at the link above. ABSTRACT: Circumcision remains a common operation, with over 30,000 procedures performed annually in the UK, mostly on children. The British Medical Association has recommended that circumcision should be performed only for medical reasons. Despite this, controversy exists over whether too many circumcisions are being performed. Are patients being exposed to an unnecessary operation?… (Search hits: 0 in body, 0 in title, 0 in tags. Score: 33.1)