Full Disclosure: Circumcision Information For Health Professionals And Parents

of circumcision in America. Journal of Social History 1994;28(1):5-36. Hodges F. A short history of the institutionalization of involuntary sexual mutilation in the United States. In: Denniston GC, Milos MF, editors. Sexual Mutilations : A Human Tragedy . New York: Plenum Press; 1997. p. 17-40. American Academy of Pediatrics Task Force on Circumcision. Circumcision Policy Statement, Pediatrics 1999;103(3):686-693. Wallerstein E…. (Search hits: 14 in body, 0 in title, 0 in tags. Score: 463.29)

Circumcision Decision: Male circumcision rates in Utah decline as parents reconsider the procedure

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…last forever.” “IT’S COMPLICATED” Other intactivist arguments focus on the operation’s physical risks. “People think circumcision is a perfect procedure, but there is a long list of complications that can, and frequently do, occur,” Hansen said. According to research published in the British Journal of Medicine in 1993, infection occurs in up to 10 percent of circumcision patients. Moreover, research… (Search hits: 12 in body, 0 in title, 0 in tags. Score: 397.11)

Traditional Male Circumcision in Eastern and Southern Africa: A Systematic Review of Prevalence and Complications

…Wilcken, Thomas Keil & Bruce Dick-Discussion-Implications for research and public health”> Implications for research and public health Randomized controlled trials are the best sources of evidence on the safety of interventions. However, in the cultural context of traditional male circumcision, this type of study design is not feasible and carefully planned cohort studies are probably the best alternative. More information… (Search hits: 11 in body, 0 in title, 0 in tags. Score: 364.02)

How Male Circumcision Harms Women

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…and research has shown that male sexual activity increases when self-esteem is higher. If circumcision lowers both male self-esteem and sexual sensitivity (to be discussed later), it would tend to reduce male sexual activity and consequently weaken the pair bond. Male-female relationships could also be restricted because some circumcised men may feel a nagging sense that passion, excitement, or sexual… (Search hits: 11 in body, 0 in title, 0 in tags. Score: 364.02)

Circumcision: A Medical or a Human Rights Issue?

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sexual partners” (38). MYTH: Circumcision will decrease the risk of sexually transmitted diseases, including AIDS. FACT: There is an epidemic of sexually transmitted diseases, including AIDS, in the United States, where the majority of sexually active men are circumcised. It is not the foreskin that causes these diseases, and circumcision will not prevent them. “It is relatively more important… (Search hits: 11 in body, 0 in title, 0 in tags. Score: 364.02)

Complications of Circumcision in Male Neonates, Infants and Children (Halperin)

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…written by HW. IS and DH critically reviewed the manuscript and approved the final version. All authors read and approved the final version of the paper. Acknowledgements We are grateful to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for funding this research and providing funding for NL. HW was funded by the UK Medical Research Council. … (Search hits: 11 in body, 0 in title, 0 in tags. Score: 364.02)

Circumcision HIV Impact Doubted

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a US analysis of data on 53,567 men who have sex with other men found HIV rates were not significantly lower among those who were circumcised. The Journal of the American Medical Association study stressed more work was needed to draw firm conclusions. “This research adds weight to the evidence that circumcision isn’t an effective method of HIV prevention for… (Search hits: 10 in body, 0 in title, 0 in tags. Score: 330.93)

The Prepuce

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B, Gerdes CA. Komisaruk BR. Sexual response to self-stimulation in women with complete spinal cord injury. I Sex Research 1996; 33: 231-40 Butler AB, Hodos W. Comparative Vertebrate Neuroanatomy: Evolution and Adaptation. New York: Wiley-Liss, 1996; 26 Winkelmann RK. The mucocutaneous end-organ. Arch Dermatol 1957; 76: 225-35 Halata Z, Munger B. <a… (Search hits: 9 in body, 0 in title, 0 in tags. Score: 330.92)

Ch. 3: Alleged Medical Benefits of Circumcision (DOC Genital Integrity Statement)

This is Chapter 3 of a statement available at http://www.doctorsopposingcircumcision.org/DOC/statement0.html Click here to view/download the complete statement in PDF form: GenitalIntegrityStatement.pdf, also available at http://www.doctorsopposingcircumcision.org/pdf/GenitalIntegrityStatement.pdf < Previous Chapter (2: The Prepuce) | Next Chapter (4: Immediate Complications of Circumcision) > Chapter Three: Alleged Medical Benefits of Circumcision An infant boy is… (Search hits: 8 in body, 0 in title, 0 in tags. Score: 264.74)

To mutilate in the name of Jehovah or Allah: legitimization of male and female circumcision

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…is not circumcised. It makes her shameless and prey to her sexual instincts, except those to whom God shows compassion” 117.Judge ‘Arnus says that female circumcision diminishes sexual instinct which, if not kept in control, reduces the person to the condition of an animal, but if this sexual instinct does not exist, then circumcision reduces her to a lifeless state…. (Search hits: 7 in body, 0 in title, 0 in tags. Score: 231.65)

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